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Digi-Sense WD-08519-52, Self-Adhesive Probe, Grounded / Type K

Digi-Sense, WD-08519-52, Self-Adhesive Probe, 1″ x 2″, Grounded / Type K Features: Designed for Easy Installation and Removal on a Wide Range of Surfaces The Kapton tape is rated to 400°F (203°C) Tape can be applied and to almost any surface Response Time: 1.5 seconds or greater The temperature range is for the probe tip only. The handle material may be affected if the probe is rated higher than the handle depending on exposure time, application, and handle material. ABS handles are rated to 220°F (104°C); PVC handles are rated to 200°F (93°C); Stainless Steel handles are rated at 450°F (232°C); Mini Connectors are rated to 392°F (200°C). This self-adhesive probe adhere to most surfaces. Kapton-insulated wire and industrial adhesives for high temperature and long-term durability. Includes 5-ft. of straight thermocouple wire with miniconnectors.

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