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Greenlee 11869, DM-310 1000V 10A AVG Digital Multimeter

The Greenlee DM-300, DM-310, DM-330, and DM-350 Digital Multimeters are hand-held testing devices with the following measurement capabilities: AC and DC voltage, frequency, and resistance. They also check diodes and verify continuity. These meters have non-contact and single-probe voltage detection capability. The DM-310, DM-330, and DM-350 multimeters have the following additional measurement capabilities: AC and DC current, and capacitance. They warn the user with a beep and error message on the LCD if the test lead is plugged into the A input terminal while the selector switch is not in the A position. Includes Digital Multimeter Test Leads Carrying Case Features Use to measure voltage, resistance, current and continuity Excellent for measuring AC voltage of electrical circuits AC/DC voltage, AC/DC amperage measurement Non-contact voltage detection for identifying live lines without contacting conductors Auto shut-off for longer battery life plus low battery indicator Resistance measurement Audible continuity and diode tests Frequency measurement Capacitance measurement Data hold to capture measurement 6000-count LCD for high resolution Min/Max feature for added versatility Audible input alert warns user if leads are in incorrect position Lifetime Limited Warranty Application: To Measure Voltage, Resistance And Continuity, For AC/DC Voltage Measurement

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