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HDE IT-4/12V, Insulator Tester 120VAC, 12VDC Charging Cord

HDE, IT-4/12V, Insulator Tester; Includes Battery, (1) Standard Side Bent Probe, (1) Standard Straight Probe, 120VAC Charging Adapter, 12VDC Charging Cord and CS-IT4 Case The Hi-Test Insulator Tester tests energized or de-energized insulatorsfor non-visible internal failures at any AC line voltage. These non-visible failures are known causes of Radio Frequency/ Television Interference (RF/TVI),blinking lights,recloser operations and blown fuses. They are also a threat to line crew safety when performing energized maintenance. Detect non-visible insulator failures before they cause operations difficulties or safety threats to line crews. The Insulator Tester can be used as a routine maintenance tool to test insulators quickly,safely and reliably. When testing insulator sin service,it can be applied to any porcelain,glass or cap and pin transmission or distribution insulators at any voltage. However,there must be two or more insulators between the conductor and ground. It can also be used to test installed,de-energized insulators prior to energizing and single insulators prior to installation. The Insulator Tester is a portable instrument that applies a current limited, 10kVDC potential across an insulator through two probes and displays the condition of the insulator on an LED scale and warning buzzer on its front panel. The unit is easy-to-use as each insulator ist ested separately and its condition displayed immediately on an easily viewed LED scale. The tester instantly identifies defective insulators with an audible warning and LED scale indication. Features Instantly identifies insulators which are defective due to non-visible internal cracks Use as a routine maintenance tool to improve system reliability and enhance line crew safety when energized maintenance work is performed Use as a troubleshooting tool in tracing the sources of ground fault trips and RF/TV interference,which can be caused by faulty insulators Stretch your materials purchasing dollar by testing insulators for recycling Use as a maintenance tool to verify insulator string integrity prior to shunting insulator bells when energized maintenance work is performed Will not promote flash over when used on energized insulators because it functions as an insulator as well as an insulator tester. Universal spline for attachment to a hots tick Built-in power supply applies a current limited 10kVDC potential across an insulator Buzzer provides audible warning of bad insulators LED scale displays the condition of the insulator being tested,with a maximum leakage current of 50 micro amps on an expanded scale Powered by a lithium-ion battery,which can last for several days of testing (depending on usage) Rechargeable overnight from 120/240VAC Operating range of -25 °F (-32°C) to 125 °F (52°C) Lightweight – weighs only 3 lbs.(1.36kg) Operating frequency of 50/60Hz Operation The IT-4 Insulator Testeris a self-contained unit. There are two probes that attach to the instrument. They can be adjusted in three different positions for individual preference. Once the probes are in place,it is ready to test de-energized porcelain, glass,suspension or cap and pin insulators. Simply hold the unit by the universal spline and press the red power button. To test an insulator,place one probe on the cap of the insulator and the other on the pin. If the LED display is lit past the second yellow LED and/or the buzzer sounds,the insulator is conductive and should be tested forsur face contamination. Testing forsur face contamination isjust as easy. Placing the probes on the skirt of the insulator will determine if the surface is conductive. Ift he surface is found to be conductive,the insulator should be cleaned and retested. Testing multi-piece insulators while they remain in service can also be done with the IT-4.Attach a hotstick to the universal spline on the front ofthe instrument,and by following the same testing procedures,defective insulators can be identified in the field while energized,with no disruption ofservice

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