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Mahr Federal 2095183, Dimensionair 1250:1 Mechanical Air Amplifier

Mahr, 2095183, Dimensionair 1250:1 D-1250 Replaces Mechanical Air Amplifier Includes: Adapter for pneumatic plug gages, Federal compatible Air filter Supply hose AHO-2 Features: Operated with regular workshop compressed air (40-125 psi) An internal pressure regulator keeps the measuring pressure within the calibrated range Zero offset of the instrument with just one setting standard and the zero adjuster Clear display with fine dial graduation and needle thin pointer gives an accurate, reliable readout An integrated air filter removes dust and dirt particles from the air supply Equipment connection on the front of the device; hand tightening is sufficient for tight connections No recalibration required after changing the measuring equipment; measurement can be resumed immediately after setting the instrument to zero

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