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Oxford Lab Products MHS-5, Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer with 5 Positions

Oxford Lab Products, MHS-5, Multi-Position Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer with 5 Stirring Positions The Oxford Lab Products Multi-position magnetic hotplate stirrer offer efficient, simple and safe stirring and/or heating of multiple solutions at once. This unit also comes with a programmable Pulse mode for optimal mixing of difficult-to-dissolve solutions. The space-saving stirrer is designed to safely maximize the use of precious bench-top space. It is ideal for mixing solutions, dissolving solutes in solvents (the pulse function aids in dissolving particularly difficult-to-dissolve compounds), heating solutions, maintaining suspensions in liquids and keeping multiple solutions at a fixed temperature. Features: High performance multi position stirrer with 5 stirring positions with optimum use of laboratory space Variable speed ranging from 300-1500 RPM in steps of 10 RPM Timer setting from 1-999 mins and infinite Closed design allows easy cleaning and protects the equipments from accidental spills Non slip strength rubber feet

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