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Troemner TW-50 COMBO, Stainless Steel Test Weight 31 pcs Set

Troemner, TW-50 COMBO, 5 lb – .001 lb Class F Stainless Steel Test Weight 31 pcs Set 5 lb-.001 lb Class F Stainless Steel Test Weight Set with Statement of Accuracy Set Contents: (5) 5lb, (5) 1lb, (2) 0.2lb, 0.1lb, 0.05lb, (2) 0.02lb, 0.01lb, 0.005lb, (2) 0.002lb, 0.001lb, 8oz, 4oz, 2oz, 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/8oz, 1/16oz, (2) 1/32oz Supplied in a master carrying case with handles and metal latch. Weights 4oz and below contained in small leatherette case within the master case. Class F Primarily used to test commercial weighing devices by state and local weights and measures officials, device installers and service technicians. Class F weights may be used to test most accuracy Class III scales, all scales of Class IIIL or IIII, and scales not marked with a class designation. Statement of Accuracy Every Troemner Weight and Weight Set, with the exception of Economical Stainless Steel and Cast Iron Weights, where a certificate is not ordered is supplied with a Statement of Accuracy. This statement guarantees that the product has been manufactured to meet the tolerance specifications for its class. Note: The Statement of Accuracy Does Not Provide Traceability and is Not Suitable for Quality and Regulatory Requirements.

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