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W.E. Anderson V6EPB-B-D-6-MI, Series V6 Mini-Size Flow Switch

W.E. Anderson, V6EPB-B-D-6-MI, Series V6 Flotect Mini-Size Flow Switch, Brass Upper Housing, DPDT, 2″ Explosion-proof Surprisingly compact, the Series V6 Flotect® Flow Switch is engineered to specifically monitor liquid, gas, or air flows. Operation is simple and dependable with no mechanical linkage as the flow switch is magnetically actuated. The lower body holds the flow vane and one magnet, which controls the switch actuating magnet in the separate upper housing. In most applications the switch is normally off with the pipeline flow forcing the vane against the vane spring. As the flow decreases the vane spring pushes back the vane, actuating the switch to signal an alarm or shutdown. Product Applications Protects pumps, motors and other equipment against low or no flow Controls sequential operation of pumps Automatically starts auxiliary pumps and engines Stops liquid cooled engines, machines and processing when coolant flow is interrupted Shuts down burner when air flow through heating coil fails Controls dampers according to flow Signals alarm when emergency shower in use Features Leak proof lower body machined from bar stock Choice of models in a tee with calibrated vane or field adjustable trimmable vane Weatherproof Explosion-proof Electrical assembly can be easily replaced without removing the unit from the installation so that the process does not have to be shut down High pressure rating of 1000 psig Low flow model offers field adjustable set point Easy installation, simply insert the tee in the pipeline and complete electrical connections Approvals ATEX Approval ATEX Certificate ATEX QAN CE Approval CSA Approval-Industrial Control Equipment IECEx Certificate UL-Switches-US

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